Multivitamins help to fulfill your nutritional needs for the day. These nutritional needs will be based on your age, gender, pre-menopausal or post-menopausal.

Multivitamins contain:

  • Vitamin A – critical for healthy vision and skin
  • Vitamin B – a metabolism booster
  • Vitamin C – keeps your immune system strong, especially important during cold and flu season.
  • Vitamin D – promotes healthy bones (and your immune system) in combination with calcium
  • Vitamin E – for healthy development of muscles and brain function
  • Calcium – maintains strong bones
  • Magnesium – supports proper muscle and nerve function
  • Iron – important for growth in children, maintaining healthy immune system and for energy production

Lets take a moment and highlight a very important vitamin that many don’t give the attention it deserves. Vitamin D plays an important role in many of the bodies functions, to include: promoting absorption of calcium and bone health, boosting immune function, reducing inflammation and protecting against some forms of cancer. The wonderful thing about Vitamin D is you don’t have to eat it to make sure you’re getting your daily dose! Vitamin D is actually produced in your body from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Your multi-vitamin may contain additional ingredients based on your needs. Be sure to read the label of your multi-vitamin!