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In today’s hustle and bustle society, a lot of us cut back on sleep to save time. Who needs to sleep, right?

There are so many other things that you could be doing instead of sleeping!

I mean writing a new blog post, posting ads, cleaning up your house…the list goes on and on, right? In fact, the list never ends because there is always something to do.

People who say they can get by on three or four hours of sleep a  night, night after night, are probably not functioning their best at work or living a healthy lifestyle.

They may even be shortening their lives.

To see if you’re getting enough rest, answer these questions:

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up on time, or feeling refreshed after sleeping?
  • Do you have at least one of the following problems?
    • Low energy
    • Attention, concentration, or memory problems
    • Poor work performance
    • Daytime sleepiness
    • Making errors at work or while driving
    • Frustration or worry about your sleep

Researchers found that people who regularly sleep less than six hours a night or more than nine hours a night do not live as long as those who get closer to eight hours of solid rest on most nights.

8 Ways To Get A Good Night’s Rest

  1. Avoid Stimulants
  2. Decrease Your Alcohol Intake
  3. Keep a Regular Schedule
  4. Get Physical
  5. The Golden Hour
  6. Stay Cool
  7. Don’t Overindulge
  8. Relax. Relate. Release.

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Boost Your Metabolism by Drinking Water

Many of us are wondering how can we truly increase our metabolism? This is something that is right in front of you everyday and most take its value for granted. Today’s health tip is very easy and simple: drink water to boost your metabolism.

Proper hydration is more important than you think. Even slight dehydration can cause your physical and mental performance to lapse.

Dehydration increase the toxins in your body, slows your metabolism, accelerates aging, and even elevates the risk of a number of illnesses, including cancer.

Your body best utilizes water if you make a habit of drinking water regularly.

Press PLAY to watch the video:

Losing weight doesn’t always have to be difficult. Just by making simple changes to your diet you can achieve extraordinary results. One of these changes needs to be removing or at least start with decreasing the amount of processed foods you intake.

Processed foods tend to be lower in fiber and higher in calories than other healthier options. Move toward fresh vegetables that are rich in fiber, frozen items with no added sugar, and higher quality prepared foods to provide nourishment to your body.

Remember, fiber is vital to your heart and colon health. It helps to prevent colon cancer and reduces cholesterol. Fiber also increases satiety after meals by helping you feel full longer. You can get fiber from fruits, leafy greens and whole grain products.

Stop Drinking Soda and Lose Weight Now

As much as I hate to say this drinking soda will not directly cause you to gain weight. The problem with soda is the sugar,  high-fructose corn syrup and loads of empty calories it provides! One 12-ounce can of regular (non-diet) soda contains about 150 calories, and one 20-ounce bottle, contains about 250 calories.

With soft drinks it is easy to consume many extra calories in addition to regular meals and snacks. The fact is if you eat more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight.

What is High-Fructose Corn Syrup?

High-fructose corn syrup is a sweetener that is used in place of sugar in everything from soft drinks to salad dressings, and even bread and soup. Actually, its pretty hard to find any food that is processed that doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup.

Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup Bad For Me?

Many scientists attribute the surge in obesity to increasing consumption of high-fructose corn syrup; some also argue that it increases the risk of diabetes and abnormal cholesterol levels. There are also recent concerns that high-fructose corn syrup made in the United States may contain mercury.

Eliminating high-fructose corn syrup from your diet is easier said than done. But if you start avoiding packaged or processed foods and eliminate soda, you may find that you are well on your way to improving your health.

Skip the Diet Soda

Many people assume that choosing “diet” foods is a good way to lose weight. At least that is what the commercial suggest. Taking in few calories would seem to be an obvious way to shed pounds but there is some bad news for you diet cola addicts out there! Drinking diet soda is not associated with weight loss. In fact, one study found that a daily can of diet soda was associated with a 41 percent increased risk of becoming obese. Body mass index has been shown to increase by 1.5 points in those who drink three diet sodas daily.

Why You Gain More Weight With “Diet” Soda

Research on artificial sweeteners has yielded some interesting findings that teach us a lot about how our bodies respond to food. Studies demonstrate that substituting artificial sweeteners in foods like yogurt leads to increased consumption of calories overall.

When you eat sugar, your body responds by increasing insulin levels. But in the absence of real sugar, the insulin levels may spike anyway leading to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Your body responds by craving more sugar so try to avoid choosing between regular and diet soda. The choice may be easier than you think if you are stuck deciding between regular soda or diet soda. You don’t have to drink either one!

So next time you reach for that can of soda, instead of drinking all those calories, try eating your calories in the form of food and see if you find it more satisfying.

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