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Do you find it difficult to talk to your physician about your health concerns?

Many patients want to have a better relationship with their doctor but have no idea where to begin. The key to every good relationship is communication. So naturally, this is where we need to start. Lets open the lines of communication and allow for a clear dialogue between doctor and patient.

Recent research suggests that doctors and patients are not always on the same page. In one study, only 57 percent of hospitalized patients knew their diagnosis, but the doctors believed 77 percent understood their disease. Less than 20 percent of the patients knew their doctor’s name, but the doctors guessed that 67 percent did.

How Can You Make Sure Your Doctor Understands You?

Learn the essential items you must give your Physician at every visit and what you should get from your healthcare provider in return.

Do you feel your Doctor listens to you? Do you have a clear understanding of your diagnosis and treatment after your visit?

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