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1) Stay Focused

If you start out with a plan, stick to that plan.

Stay focused on your core project and don’t let short term enticements distract you from concentrated development on your long-term plan.

If you are not starting with a long-term plan, get a plan.

Someone offers you involvement in a project that pays a fair amount of money. You may be tempted to do it to get the fast  cash. Don’t.

2) Stay True To Yourself

You have the vision. You have the idea.You know you want to reach your goal.

You want to share your idea with others. Unfortunately, this is the usual response: ” Hey, great idea! But you know what you really need to do is blah, blah, blah.”  If they were so smart, why didn’t they think up the idea themselves?

Most of our family and friends are just happy with mediocrity. They’re happy to get a paycheck. They’re happy to put their money in social security and get some money back when they’re sixty-five. They’re happy getting paid by the hour. That’s not what you ‘re about because you are an entrepreneur.

So, be persistent even when there are people constantly being negative. Believe in yourself and don’t let others confuse you.

3) Use Money Wisely

If you have start-up capital, please, hang on to it because every penny counts!

Seriously consider every single expenditure, whatever the size.

If you best friend or relative is working for you for pay and it isn’t really adding value to your project, let them go. Now.

4) Stay Active in The Community

Give. Freely. And lots.

Participate in the community.

Contribute everywhere possible.

Encourage discussion.

Get involved in any and all forums and movements.

5) Keep At It

Above all, keep moving forward.

Don’t get discouraged.

Don’t give up.

Develop the mindset that you have already achieved your success.

Be patient, be persistent, and be positive. Get rid of negatives in your life. Get rid of whiners.

Optimistic people focus on the opportunities, while pessimistic people focus on the limitations. if you focus on limitations, what’s going to come up in your life? Those limitations are going to always bring you down and you’re not going to move forward. When you focus on the problem, all that does is make the problem bigger.

Have fun and be creative. Enjoy what you’re doing and be positive. Be persistent through those bumps. Be thoughtful, have the right attitude about why you have your own business.

Life can be one of 2 formulas:

Live   In   Fear   Everyday


Live   In   Freedom   Everyday

If you’re living in fear everyday you’re focusing on the roadblocks. Roadblocks will keep you from ever seeing success and you will live in fear, not moving forward in your business. If you put into action the steps listed above, your going to be living in freedom. Where do you live? Its your CHOICE!

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