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Even the wealthiest people don’t feel that they have enough money. Most want more, and some use any means to get it. When we believe that money gives us our essential power, we lose sight of what is truly important. As humans we constantly want more! More of what you ask? More of everything and right now, dammit!

When we believe our power is in the material world, we never feel quite strong enough or confident enough or attractive enough to live fully and freely.

We always feel that something is lacking, that we should have more. This constant need to have more will leave you empty and unfulfilled.

Are you living life on your own terms or are you diligently working to impress others?

We are not created to please people, we were created to please God, to recognize the Highest Power in ourselves and make it manifest in our daily lives.

Susan L. Taylor wrote, “Love yourself as a beautiful and necessary light that was created by God. Remember that the Highest Power is alive within you. It is alive as you. You are human and divine. As is true of the universe, nothing about you is haphazard or accidental.”

I challenge you today to lift up your faith in yourself and in the miracle that is your being. Make a ritual of spending quiet time to focus inward so that you can experience the Highest Power and the source of wisdom and strength in you.

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